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 BHMC Happenings

Life is a highway...



Since 1938

"...a little farther on up the road "

2011 Show'n Shine

This years "No Candy Ass"

S&S will be on Oct 16th at

Frankies, in Mt Hope as

usual. 1-4 pm





Craig and Paul, Hamilton Food Share, 2022.jpg

BHMC members Paul & Craig make a donation to Hamilton Food Share. 

BHMC members Ted & Bob make a donation to the Caledonia Food Bank

BHMC member Bob makes a donation to the Port Dover Food Bank

BHMC member "Woggy" makes a donation to the Mohawk College Student Association, Student Food Bank.

Pavol, 447 Club (1).jpg

BHMC member Paul makes a donation to the 447 Club in Mt Hope.

Road Clean-up, 2022 (1).jpg

Members of the Black Hawks MC doing their part to clean Hyw 6 in Port Dover - October 2022

 This image.found its way to us. We do not know the particulars, so if anybody can help us to identify people in the photograph, or anything regarding the field day, please contact us.

We are always looking for historical photos for our archives, too! Copies are good, originals are better. We'd love to hear about any lore, stories or memories you might have.

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