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  In memory of members past, 

             ...Ride in Peace Bro's

Life is a highway...



Since 1938

"...a little farther on up the road "

2011 Show'n Shine

This years "No Candy Ass"

S&S will be on Oct 16th at

Frankies, in Mt Hope as

usual. 1-4 pm





Gone, but not forgotten:

What kind of member are you?

Are you an active member?

The kind who would be missed

Or are you just content

That your name is on the list

Do you attend the meetings

And mingle with the pack

Or do you stay at home

And criticize and knock

Do you take an active part

And help the work along

Or are you satisfied

To only just belong

Do you ever visit

A member who is sick

Or leave the work to just a few

And talk about the clique

Think this over members

You know right from wrong

Are you an active member

Or do you just belong?

Black Hawks Motorcycle Club, Circa 1960

The Founding Member's 1938

* Harold Rolfe

* Henry Robert Culver

* Brian Fry

* Percy Poole

Founding  Member - 2000

* John "Reb" Felker


* James Patrick Metcalfe

* Gerry Parker, (Bear)

* Jack Donnelly

* Nick Sahajak

* Ken McPherson

* Harold Barrett

* Russ Watson

* Robert Eason

* Mac McKune

* Ken Keays

* Jack Gulliver, (Monk)

* Darryl Gidson, (Hoot)

* Ed Stewart

* William Treleaven

* Ed Carey

* Art Carey

* Vince Carey

* William Carey, (Wonk)

* Patricia Carey, (Goldie)

* Arthur Moe

* Hillier Moe, (Doc)

* Richard Moe, (Dick)

* Harold Clark

* Denise Clark

* LeRoy Duncan, (Lee)

* Merlin Oliphant, (Merle)

* Ron Harnden

* Ray Woods

* Robert Arthur Warren

* Ken MacIver, (Clem)

* Jack Hoover

* Brian Lottridge (Tool's)

* Burt Hollings

* Eric Campbell

* John Ovens

* Wayne Bullock

* Fred Hill

* Cam Woods Sr

FELKER, John Garnet "Reb" of Port Dover, passed away at his residence surrounded by the love of his family and close friends on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 in his 80th year. Cherished husband of Jackie Johansen. Dearly loved father and father-in-law of Jason and Josie of Simcoe and Quinn and Denise of Fisherville. Proud grandfather of Owen and Grant. He will be sadly missed by his nephew and nieces. Predeceased by his son Dean, his parents , Evelyn and James
and his sister, Sheila.  Reb retired from Stelco after 20+ years service and was active on the retirement committee
for United Steelworkers Local 8782. He had great memories of his farm in Caledonia where he loved spending time with family and friends. Reb was the former President and Life Member of the Black Hawks Motorcycle Club Hamilton. Port Dover Friday 13th was a day he always enjoyed. He was also a former member of the band RD and The 30 Day Plan. Reb was well known in the Port Dover area and will be sadly missed by his many friends.
Reb, joined the BLACK HAWKS in 1960 and was instrumental in the 2000 BHMC  rebirth. He had his love for the BHMC,
it was HIS vision of what the Club should be ...of what it could be. He provided the guidance for us, and carried the Club through some dark times when almost half of the members left to start their own club. Yes, "The Rebel" is gone now,
but his dream will live on., ...we hope for a very long time!
---------------------------BLACK HAWKS FOREVER - FOREVER BLACK HAWKS---------------------------------

Thank you for the memories... Forever in the wind

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